Cozy Inspired Nursery of Small Room for Three Boys

Nov 17th

Sometimes you have to get the best stories behind the small room for three boys. The children of Jessica Kraus example House of Habit. Very long lived with big family in a warm cozy home, until it was too small because you had three children. From a small cozy house they moved into a much larger house. As it says itself, that is not their ideal dream home, but the neighborhood is very nice. There are beautiful parks in the area, a private room and play room for children to get save and fun. You have to start with more furniture detail and with three children, you can all help get. You know curious about the children? See the photos of special room children and inspired by the great original ideas!

study room for three boys
study room for three boys

A small cozy house’s why it’s took a while before they have inspired the interior and bathroom. You had to get out all the stops for their abilities to build the nursery for their young. Everything effortlessly in their old house now took felt a little strange. This had its natural flavor and refine a little more towards modern go. It is less clutter, bold accents and tight lines. Nevertheless, Jessica replaced many modern elements with elements that they so much. Traditional houses in wide wooden planks as flooring, tiles that look like the tiles of the English underground stations, arched doorway, larger lists, etc. This can be seen very well combined in the nursery of the three boys with natural wood elements with basic IKEA furniture and many vintage accessories to add more personality.

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The nursery was originally the small room for three boys. When the couple had your third boy, you realized that it is better that they could be so much bigger room was better organized as a nursery. Especially since they noticed that we liked to be around the guys. Separate children would so much less fun for them. This custom-made wardrobe offers plenty of space for various things such as toys and books. First, they had a bunk bed. It was very cheap and was therefore quickly broken. It’s not the best thing for kids, but it works at least for now. You try to keep as simple as possible the nursery is often used as comfort is becoming out of fashion. The guys are super nice, the bed pulling. Around the room sometimes use it as a bank and friends come to see or play video games. Movies Jessica even thinks the boys will be when they get disappointed one day on small room for three boys. But after all, what’s to come once!