Guide of Ways to Paint A Room with the Best Colors

Oct 2nd

How ways to paint a room – The basic step is cleaning the room. Cracks and small holes in the wall should definitely be repaired before painting. In the first step, the cracks are scraped with a spatula and be brushed clean. After the putty is applied to the damp crack or the hole – preferably in several layers until the surface is completely smooth.

ways to paint room
ways to paint room

After these preparatory steps of ways to paint a room is optimally prepared for the new paint. If the color was stirred well, here we go. Basically you start with a brush in the ceiling area and highlight the edges between wall and ceiling. Only then the surfaces are machined with the role. Besides, the surface of the ceiling is to the ground. In order to achieve a uniform color image, while working with the strike of the role is important: In a match the color section is first divided vertically, then horizontally without taking new color.

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Professionals emphasize “wet in wet”; if they roll the adjacent surface always roll so that the already painted area is still wet. Therefore, the experts also advise on strike at high temperatures or drafts – the paint would dry too fast and could have undesirable marks occur. Also never put on the “full” paint roller on top but still slightly below or next to it, so the color can be better distributed. Those are steps of the ways to paint a room for you the beginners.

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