Small Space Design Front Home

Jun 13th

Small space design front home – The program needs to design this house did not differ from the usual to such orders, only emphasized the concept of privacy, very abstract limit in this type of enterprise. Our response to these premises was to prioritize the development of the house on the ground floor, designing a house, overturning all main rooms abroad, in this case a park. Small space design front home idea allowed us to play with visual cross and overlap. At the front, a closed facade emphasized access anticipates invited to enter and access to a wide open space, where the idea of ​​landscape and will be the main lead role in this project. Adding connectivity between different spaces through the multiplicity of hits, views, and runs at 360 degrees, provide indoor-outdoor connection that transcends the merely visual.

Small Space Design Front Home Ideas
Small Space Design Front Home Ideas

The house proposes a dialogue morphological sober facade that will increasingly communicating with the outside as we walk. The experience begins entering the access volume, which can make contact with one of the chosen textures to the joint house material: wood, which occurs in both horizontal rods as vertical boards that accompany the tour.

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The central courtyard incorporating allowed us to wean the public and private sector, making the whole house turn around, allowing us to introduce the landscape and the light inside the house. The public sector would be the “living- room” has double height and is linked to the private sector are the bedrooms and bathrooms through a step adjoining to the kitchen, which develops across these. From the sensory aspect, we can see how this room, with its large double height and allow the multiplicity of visual to internal courtyard and park. Once settled inside, we see the white color and luminosity characterize the small space design front home.